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The Future of Undecima
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The Future of Undecima
I was going to finish a few more features on this version of Undecima and then start porting it to Mobile devices, but now I changed my plans. I have already started learning programming for Mobiles and I want to rethink a few main concepts of the game as well. In other words, Undecima will change and it will change pretty drastically... hopefully in a good way.

I can't share yet anything meaningful as it's a bit of a mess in my head at the moment - what I want to change and what I want to keep. The main concept will remain, you start on the low level and advance up to capture and defend the Crown of Ultimate Power, but how you're going to do, that thing will likely change.

I'm not going to shut down this version - at least for now as there are still some active players and to keep visibility, but I'm not going to do any more development.

I will keep you updated.

Well Done
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