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Undecima Forum Bugs & Modifications Eureka! Neutral object daily reset
Neutral object daily reset
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24-Jul 2018 15:55 #1

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Neutral object daily reset
It could be easier for players if the types of defender in Neutral Objects do not change overmuch during Maintenance.

Having been less active recently, I often didn't/couldn't attack a target before Maintenance. It is not a problem to train more units, but it is a bit disappointing to find out from reports that the kind of units you trained previously suddenly become the worst units against the new defenders. Sad . It is a dilemma whether to send them or not.

I suggest some reset mechanism like:
(1) 30% of the original defenders are replaced with new random units; the remainders are unchanged
(2) Total Power is then adjusted. Random units removed for a drop and random units added for a rise.

I hope it sounds reasonable. But of course the way it is is fine as well.
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25-Jul 2018 00:22 #2

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Re: Neutral object daily reset
I see your point... I think it's more engaging the way it is.

If you are a true casual player (like me Big Grin ), then basically you don't care much about what troops in where. I personally grab all Mercenaries I can and send them along with all my offensive troops (usually about 2/3 of maximum troops capability) even without scouting my targets. I know that if I have enough Mercenaries (I usually have 3-4 packs), then most certainly I'm going to win. I'm not aiming for a lot of experience, just to grab a Soul Gem or an Artifact and get back alive and happy Wink

BUT if you are NOT really a casual player, but only pretending to be one LOL or casual but very meticulous one then you have do some (or a lot of) planning, including scouting and using battle calculators. I have done it all and still do when I just arrive to a new Map Level, but after a few attacks, I roughly know what to expect. So, for people who care what troops to send to get the most experience, I think it's very fair to have this kind of reset Happy
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