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Capturing Soul Gems (for Casual Players)
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Capturing Soul Gems (for Casual Players)
Try to find a target reasonably far from your Town, something like 10-12 fields and send your troops before you log out (having a Quartermaster helps a lot).

It will take a few hours for your troops to get to the Target, then another couple of hours before Retaliation triggers (assuming it does), then it will be another 10-12 hours before Retaliation attack hits your Town, so next time you log in, you will have a choice of either defending or counter-attacking (assuming that you have upgraded your Watchtower high enough and detected incoming attack) Wink

Also remember, that you can scout all incoming attacks.

To scout, counter-attack, or intercept (not for neutral attacks) enemy troops, go to your Troop Orders, click the flag for a corresponding attack and it will take you to the Send Troops screen. You can send your troops as you normally do to stationary target from there.

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