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Scheduled System Maintenance and Outages
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Scheduled System Maintenance and Outages
The Scheduled System Maintenance happens every day at 23:30, server time (UTC + 12:00) and lasts for 15 minutes. You can see when it's coming in your Ongoing Tasks or on the Timeline Task Bar (as a yellow dot).

During this period all neutral map objects (e.g. Dungeons, Bastions, Altars, and etc.) are re-stocked with gold and valuables and re-populated with troops.

If you are going to send a series of attacks (e.g. to capture an Altar, to clear the remaining gold in a Dungeon, and etc.), try timing it before the Scheduled Maintenance starts as otherwise, there is a good chance of loosing troops.

All players' tasks that supposed to end during the Maintenance or later, will get extended for the duration of the Maintenance. That includes the premium expire tasks, so everybody is getting extra 15 minutes every day. Well Done

It works the same for any unscheduled maintenance or outage - all tasks are extended for the whole duration of the maintenance or outage.

Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts Thank You
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Re: Scheduled System Maintenance and Outages
Thanks for the heads up Cool
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