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Undecima is secured (HTTPS)
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23-May 2018 23:27 #1

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Undecima is secured (HTTPS)
Not sure if anyone noticed, but all Undecima sites are now using HTTPS prefix (comparing to HTTP before). The last S means that the data that your browser exchanges with Undecima server is encrypted and secured Cool

There is no impact on the usual use of the websites - you can use either http or https or even don't use anything (e.g. - your browser should handle that, it will all automatically handled and re-directed where it's supposed to go.

One downside is that PayPal is currently not working Sorry even though it was them (PayPal) who insisted on me doing this changes Rolling Eyes I have contacted them, but their Customer Support is not very responsive/helpful (unlike Undecima Customer Support LOL ). Hopefully it will get resolved soon.

If you have any questions or problems related to Undecima, do not hesitate to ask them on the forum, send me a private message, or email to
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