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On 02-Apr-2018 09:06:56, Sonder started a new thread: Local Map Navigation
Speaking of local map, another useful small thing would be a blue checkmark (like on ruins) on the dungeons/bastions in which you've looted everything that day.
On 02-Apr-2018 06:12:21, Sonder replied in a therad: Run It Again
It would be very helpful if other than average fixed damage, and unfixed damage, there would also be an option for calculating the worst case scenario (your troops do minimum dmg and the opponents do ...
On 01-Apr-2018 13:19:37, Sonder replied in a therad: Avengers: Undecima Wars (New Update)
I heard there's also a new artifact, Paranoid Astromech Droid, which gives your commander immunity to pranks
On 01-Apr-2018 02:10:04, Sonder replied in a therad: Stamina bar full
I'll put this here since it's also stamina bar related, not sure how it happened: image
On 31-Mar-2018 06:58:29, Sonder started a new thread: Local Map Navigation
I did that at first but I have only 7 ruins in that area which I can exhaust in just 3 hours of alt tabbing from time to time. Currently I'm on number 11 for today, that's why I made a list. O...
On 31-Mar-2018 05:26:50, Sonder started a new thread: Local Map Navigation
I made a list of all the ruins within 30 fields of my town to make exploring easier, it took a while to sort out repeats and find a good system to get all of them. I think map navigation can be made a...
On 28-Mar-2018 02:52:41, Sonder started a new thread: Notification when Resting is over
Because Farm Hands, Tax Collectors, etc, have different cooldowns it would be helpful to have a notification when any of them are ready to work instead of manually checking each of their buildings.
On 07-Mar-2016 00:28:07, Sonder replied in a therad: Undecima Humour
"Sure Eggman, we're always low on catapult ammo"
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