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End of time jolt
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24-Aug 2018 10:21 #1

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End of time jolt
AngryAngryIt changes EVERYTHING back to what it was on that level. Including artifacts, coins of chronos, hero levels, and things disappear that coins of Chronos were spent on. Angry

No one will continue after this unless they had a ton of coins at the time and can spend them all over again. The only reason I ended up getting sent back was due to a bug with the time limit of troops. Overall I'm very upset with how the last level plays. It is very beatable but if you might as well delete the account instead of being sent back in time.
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24-Aug 2018 17:45 #2

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Re: End of time jolt
Sorry Sorry It is shifting you back in time to exact position how you were on that level.

So, it works as intended, but in your case I understand that you were not just loitering and it's misfortunate. Check your PMs, we'll work out something Happy

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