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Undecima Forum Bugs & Modifications Eureka! Commander Icon Moving Across Map
Commander Icon Moving Across Map
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01-May 2018 08:59 #1

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Commander Icon Moving Across Map
Yea I'd like to see a lil dude on a horse or something moving along a dotted line to it's destination. I know that the map icons show when you have a unit already headed there but I miss seeing things move across the map Wink
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01-May 2018 22:12 #2

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Re: Commander Icon Moving Across Map
I'm planning sometime later to do some research if I can do more interactive and smooth map (dragging in real time) and smoothly sliding, so any changes of that kind would be postponed until that time.

The problems with "smoothness" that I see at the moment even if I find a way of doing is that it'll have to bring and store (cache) 8 times more information for Map Objects comparing to now Rolling Eyes
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