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Guild House
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Guild House
I think it will be nice if players can build 2-3 "Guild Houses" in late-game to get some special bonuses that best suit their play-style, for example:

The Oracle House: Capturing of Altars is 30% more effective. Altars are 30% more effective.
The Labour's Union: The cooldowns of Tax collectors/Farmers/Tradesmen are 1 time longer but produce 4 times as much Gold/Food.

The Mercenary's Embassy: Can check unit type of nearby mercenary camps without sending out a Commander. Mercenary Upkeep is reduced by 30%.
The Jouster's Field: Can train any of your available units here, but with only 50% efficiency.

The Mason's Workshop: Walls and Towers are 30% sturdier and provide 30% extra bonuses.
The Thief's Hideout: May assign 400-Power worth units here, these units do not suffer penalty when defending (i.e. for Attackers).

The Smuggler's Headquarter: Attacks are unnoticed by defenders until your armies have covered 50% of their way.
The Nomad's Tent: The offensive counterpart of "The Thief's Hideout", but you cannot just send out (mostly) defenders to exploit the buff.

The examples given are very rough and undeveloped, but the idea is to give a slightly different gaming experience every round, and to encourage cooperation between players with different perks.Happy
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Re: Guild House
Very nice, thank you - some of the stuff listed will be implemented with some other different updates, but I got your idea Happy

Well Done
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Re: Guild House
This is a great idea! I think the key point would be that you could only build one of them at a time, so you would need to decide which would be a best fit for your playstyle. It's great to have meaningful choices that make our towns and abilities different from each other. Well Done
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