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Undecima Forum Bugs & Modifications Eureka! Making Siege weapons useful
Making Siege weapons useful
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14-Mar 2018 22:45 #1
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Making Siege weapons useful
It would be good if siege weapons could be useful in the game. Currently my Siege Workshop is level 2, and there doesn't really seem any reason to raise it.

I was thinking that maybe there should be some NPC structures that require being attacked with rams or catapults? And maybe against NPC targets they should move 2 or 3 times quicker?
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14-Mar 2018 22:53 #2

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Re: Making Siege weapons useful
Yes, I was thinking about utilizing Siege Weapons somehow. At the moment they are indeed useful only for PvP and you will need both Rams and Cats to lay siege to Undecima Town, but that's not too soon Wink - I'll keep it in mind, thank you Happy

Thank You
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