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Bugs Hunting
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Bugs Hunting
I really appreciate everybody who reported bugs before and I'd like to add some motivation to make it a bit worthwhile when you do bug hunting Happy

From now on, if you report a bug and give all details with a screenshot (if applicable), you will be rewarded some Coins of Chronos. Whoever confirms (seconds) this bug with his or her own details or screenshots, will get a reward as well.

As the value of Coins changes with each Map Level, the reward will change as well. The base reward will be 1 Gold Coin of Chronos for reporting a valid bug on Map Level 1 and 30 Silver Coins of Chronos for confirming the bug (before it's fixed of course). To make it fair, it will progress just the same as all Coins of Chronos rewards/costs do in the Game and rather than give you a formula, I'll post a screenshot of rewards Happy

I would suggest to create a new thread for each bug for better visibility and maintenance unless it's something very similar to already existing or fixed bug.

Happy Hunting Cool

If you have any questions or problems related to Undecima, do not hesitate to ask them on the forum, send me a private message, or email to
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