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Undecima Forum Bugs & Modifications Eureka! Make the Bank Great Again!
Make the Bank Great Again!
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25-May 2018 11:33 #1

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Make the Bank Great Again!
Investing 120k for 1 week costs you 110k gold, 52k food in upkeep, and you only get 90k for your efforts... please fix. Either more interest or eliminate bank's upkeep costs.

Lvl 12 Bank Hourly Upkeep (Gold 655, Food 310)
Lvl 12 Bank Weekly Upkeep (Gold 110,040, Food 52,080)
Profit from investing 120,000 for 7 days = 89885
Net Loss per week = 20,155 gold, 52080 food
Not to mention the opportunity cost of 120k that's locked away unable to be used

Last but not least my TVM Solver in my graphics calculator is telling me that 120,000 (PV) invested over 7 days (n) at 8% interest (i) should have a Future Value (FV) of 205,658 not 209,885 ....... I'm just sayin....Teasing

Ps: I realize altars decrease the upkeep costs of both food and gold for buildings but the 20% difference is no where near enough to make investing in a bank profitable.

Excuse me while I downgrade my bank to 0 Snooze
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25-May 2018 22:27 #2

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Re: Make the Bank Great Again!
Yes, Bank is not up to par. It hasn't been changed since v 1.0 and at that time when everything was much slower it was OK-ish, but definitely not anymore. So, I have an item in my "To Do" list already to review it and make more interesting and useful.

Just to be objective - it does provide protection for your gold against enemy raids and loans can be useful if you're short on gold to hire enough Mercenaries and there is something interesting to capture. But yes, loaning is boring and it will be changed.

Thank You
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