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Town Helpers, Motivate, and Overload Cooldown Timers
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16-Apr 2018 00:36 #1

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Town Helpers, Motivate, and Overload Cooldown Timers
You can now see all your Cooldown Timers for Farm Hands, Tax Collectors, Tradesmen, Motivating and Overloading on your main Town screen.

Farm Hands, Tax Collectors and Tradesmen will be on the corresponding buildings (Farm, Town Hall, and Market); Motivate and Overload is at the bottom right corner (as it can be in a number of buildings).

I remember I told it would be a bit different (e.g. showing nothing when it's ready), but having a little marker seems better to me, so when your Town Helpers are ready, you will see "Ready" (in green); when they are working, you will see a usual Timer; and when they are resting (Cooldown), you will see a Timer in maroon-ish colours.

For Motivate and Overload, it will show a label in green when you can Motivate OR Overload (without specifics) and it will show you a cooldown timer before you can Overload OR Motivate again.

The Timer for Motivate and Overload will NOT take into account whether you have enough resources to Motivate or Overload.


I have started rolling it all in and it will be ready for you within an hour or less Happy

Please refresh your browser cache by pressing Ctrl + F5 or any other way suitable for your browser.

Well Done



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16-Apr 2018 01:36 #2
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Re: Town Helpers, Motivate, and Overload Cooldown Timers
Makes the Town View one of the most useful pages for getting a quick overview. Well Done
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