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On 20-Nov-2018 04:20:11, Red started a new thread: Undecima Ads
Ok thanks. Let me know because I hate ads.
On 19-Nov-2018 07:47:26, Red started a new thread: Undecima Ads
If I buy the remove ads in the game, will it remove the ads on the forum?
On 18-Nov-2018 13:48:17, Red replied in a therad: what you did you like doing when were a kid
I'm not ;) Just last week I was on my son's swing and broke it :( That's when I realized my childhood was over! :( I use to like battling with my pokemon cards and reading comics....
On 18-Nov-2018 13:42:49, Red replied in a therad: Welcome Thread
Hello Earthlings! I'm Red but my real name is George! I'm here to have some fun :)
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