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Some general thoughts
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23-Apr 2016 05:06 #1

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Some general thoughts

some thoughts from me regarding the game.
There are some interesting features and you plan some new ones too.
But in the end the game is about hiring mercs and attacking bastions for soul gems.
And when there is spare time and troops you attack dungeons for artifacts.
As a side effect of this the commanders get experience.

So i think all existing and future features have to be balanced into that practice.

For example training the commanders.
It takes 7 Days to get 15,000 exp. That means this commander can not hire mercs for 7 days, so it is useless. And by the way i get 15k exp in a minor battle Wink
To make this feature any useful the amount of exp have to be much higher and/or the time to train must be reduced.

That means the output of new features like Shadow Inns or Daily Chores have to be better than soul gems, artifacts or a massive amount of experience.

i) It is stupid that objects are guarded better when you have an army. That practically means i do not train any troops (except for scouts).
ii) I need at least 3 days to train the tropps for a major battle (due the enemy gets better i think it is more like 4 days, i don't know because of point one). In the same time i won 15 major battles with mercs.
iii) All the cool updates from library and the blacksmith are practically useless. I only took them because i had the resources.

I think there should be an fix amount of troops guarding the objects no matter how many troops are on that map-level. I would do something like a Bastion with a Gem have the troop-power of 6 Merc camps on higher levels maybe up to 10 camps.
Training of troops should be instant or at least it only should take half a day to train the troops for a major battle.

Enough for now. Maybe some more thoughts later.
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Re: Some general thoughts
Thank you for your feedback Happy

Yes, upcoming changes will change the balance of things and the value of your town troops will be higher and comparable to the value of mercenaries (at least I'll try). As part of these changes:

- Players won't be able to progress through the map levels as rapidly as now
- Players will have to defend themselves on all levels starting from Map Level 2
- There will be ways of training your town troops faster
- All troops will be useable (even Zealots)

I will think more how to balance the power between town troops and mercenaries.

As for training - you have figured out how to play this game, well done Well Done - a lot of the other players DO NOT get 15K of experience for a minor battle and training commanders for them is quite useful Wink

1) It's not exactly this way (and of course it's not stupid, it's a very smart system, how could you Angry Happy ) - let's say, having NO troops (as in your case) is equivalent for calculation in the same way as having a MODERATE army. There are caps and formulas, and etc. The more defenders for bigger armies is particularly for players NOT to keep and accumulate hips of mercenaries after the camps have been refreshed.

2) Will change as per the points in the first part of this message

3) The same as above Wink

Again, thank you for your feedback and suggestions, it all helps a lot

Well Done

If you have any questions or problems related to Undecima, do not hesitate to ask them on the forum, send me a private message, or email to
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