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On 16-Feb-2018 05:40:42, Voldera replied in a therad: Undecima Hosting
Hi, Maybe you can have a look at this site: Only thing is they don't have 24/7 Live chat, only by email....
On 07-Nov-2015 08:39:16, Voldera started a new thread: Training next dragon
Hi Vindicator Thank you for looking into it! IT must have been the Chieftains indeed; before I gained the 32nd Gem I had 2 of 'em hired, never occurred to me they also cling on to the treasured...
On 06-Nov-2015 12:45:08, Voldera started a new thread: Training next dragon
Hi there, How can it be that even though I have 31 Soul Gems, I'm unable to train my third Dragon while they (next to a bit Gold and Food) only require 10 Soul Gems each? Also one time I got a...
On 24-Oct-2015 09:37:40, Voldera replied in a therad: New Update - Farm Hands, Tax Collectors, and Tradesmen
Really like the Food thingy!:big grin::big grin:
On 24-Oct-2015 09:26:38, Voldera started a new thread: Commander 1-day training
Hi, I just started a 1-day training for one of my Wizards and noticed something odd by switching back to Town View: Undecima really seems to be another world with even a...
On 22-Oct-2015 09:35:20, Voldera replied in a therad: Vote for Undecima!
Voted! :big grin:
On 16-Oct-2015 20:15:35, Voldera replied in a therad: What Did You Find in the Ruins of Decima?
Oh my.. Exploring of Ruins of Decima - L3 - [093:127] is completed. Your scouts discovered 1 Dragon lost in the ruins and willing to join our side. You can see him coming to our town on your Troo...
On 27-Jul-2015 23:56:11, Voldera started a new thread: Reports of lost battles
Hi, Is it possible to have an overview of lost troops etc. in the report of a lost battle? I think this can be useful when looking something up in the history. Thanks!:go crazy:
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